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Spend Money - Get Crypto.

Transform the spare change from your daily spending into automatic, 24/7 crypto investing.

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Safe. Secure. Encrypted.

Hansel is absolutely committed to protecting you and your information. The privacy of personal data, we believe, is a basic human right.

In an effort to provide our users with best-in-class security and peace of mind, Hansel has teamed up with the most trusted names in banking, apps, and crypto.

Partnerships with industry leaders such as financial services provider Plaid, and with Coinbase, the world's leading cryptocurrency market, ensure that your information is safe and secure.

100% Ownership

Don't settle for a claim on your funds. With Hansel, you own 100% of your cryptocurrency. That means, unlike a bank, you control it. No one can touch it, move it, or loan it out without your permission. To find out more check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Alchemy is free for beta testers

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Transform your spending

Automatically invest your spare change into cryptocurrency.

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Multiply your savings

Set a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier to supercharge your change collection.

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Boost your investing

Diversify your investments by adding some crypto to your portfolio in a safe and risk-averse way.